Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Should rented accommodation be "fit for human habitation"?

In January 2016 the Labour Party tried to add an amendment to the Tory Housing and Development Bill in order to ensure that all rented properties are "fit for human habitation" but Tory MPs (1/3 of whom are landlords) voted the amendment down.

It doesn't seem like too much to ask to specify that if you're going to rent out a house for people to live in, that house should be in a fit state to be lived in, but apparently that's too damned much for the Tory party and their financial backers.

It beggars belief that anyone would try to argue the case that there shouldn't be a rule to prevent unscrupulous slumlords renting out properties that are unfit for people to live in, but that's precisely what the Tory government and their tribalist followers did at the time they shot the Labour Party amendment down.

If you live in rented accommodation you'd have to be completely crackers to vote for a party that voted down a move to ensure that unscrupulous landlords have no right to exploit the housing shortage by renting appalling places to tenants with nowhere else to turn.

Another factor to consider is that since 2010 the Tories have overseen the lowest level of new house building since the 1920s and at a time of soaring demand too (net migration when Theresa May was Home Secretary soared to its highest levels ever). Unsurprisingly this combination of factors helped inflate the housing bubble and push the possibility of home ownership beyond the means of huge numbers of people.

You would have thought that the least the government could do under such circumstances would be to protect the rights of people who are trapped in the private rental market because house prices have soared to their most unaffordable levels ever under their watch, but no.

The Tories are on the side of the worst kind of exploitative buy-to-let slumlords, not yours.

If you live in rented accommodation you'd clearly have to be out of your mind to vote Tory.

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Find out how much cash the Tories are planning to snatch from your local school

Our children are our future - yes it sounds like something from a 1970s hippy protest song, but it's undeniably true nonetheless. The kids in our education system now are the workforce of the future. The better the education they get now, the better equipped they will be to become capable of making valuable social and economic contributions to society in the future. It's completely obvious isn't it?

The Tories have made no secret of the fact that they are planning to introduce the harshest education spending cuts in decades meaning that anyone who votes Tory on June 8th will be actively endorsing this agenda of slashing £ billion from school funding.

Under Tory rule this cash will be used in order to hand even more tax cuts and lucrative government subsidies to those who need it the least (the likes of the already very wealthy and corporate outsourcing parasites).

By 2020 these Tory education funding cuts will have reduced the budgets of 99% of schools.

The average loss per primary school will be £103,574 (which works out at £403 per pupil) and the average loss per secondary school will be £470,433 (£554 per pupil).

Aside from the education funding cuts that will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the future economic potential of the UK, the Tories are also pursuing a number of other horrible education policies like stuffing our schools full of completely unqualified teachers, privatising thousands of state schools into the hands of unaccountable private sector pseudo-charities that topslice obscene amounts of cash out of school budgets to pay themselves vastly inflated executive salaries, overseeing outrageous fraud outbreaks at their flagship free schools and academy chains, blasting £billions on opening free schools in areas of low demand for places that end up folding because of lack of demand or creating wasteful spare capacity in nearby schools, and now they're on about bringing back selection at the age of 11 so kids with parents who can afford to pay for 11+ tuition get a massive life advantage, and kids who don't have wealthy parents to game the system to their advantage are likely to end up stuck in crumbling, underfunded secondary moderns like so many older readers will remember suffering themselves.

Lots of people have children or grandchildren of school age or below. Even if you don't have school age children in your own family, you must know someone who does. A close friend, someone in your wider family, a neighbour, a work colleague ...

Here's a tool to check how much the Tories are planning to slash from your local school, and from the schools of the children you know (just type in the school name, area or postcode):

School Cuts Checker

Remember: If you vote Tory on June 8th, you're actively endorsing their agenda of education cuts, and allowing them to snatch education funds from the kids you know in order to redistribute the cash to their wealthy mates.

If you vote Tory you'll be proving to yourself that you've embraced the idea that the UK is facing a bleak future of moral and economic decline.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Look at this ridiculous bar chart from the Scottish Tories

Just look at the state of this bar chart from the Scottish Tories. Just imagine how thick you must imagine your target audience to be in order to try to pull off such a brazen misrepresentation.

The bar chart features on a remarkably pathetic Tory party leaflet that only mentions their own party 6 times and details precisely no policies from the Tory Westminster government whatever (the General Election is about picking MPs to sit in Westminster isn't it?).

Conversely this absurd piece of propaganda mentions the Scottish National Party and their leader Nicola Sturgeon an incredible 19 times.

What is more is that the Scottish Tories actually accuse the SNP of being "obsessed" with the idea of an independence referendum in a leaflet that is 100% dedicated to the subject of opposing an independence referendum and mentions it 7 times!

With no irony at all the leaflet demands that the SNP concentrate on stuff like better "public services" and "safer streets" without mentioning any of their own Westminster government's policies on these issues such as ... err ... cutting public services to the bone all over the UK and ... errr ... destroying 17,000 frontline police jobs between 2010-2015!

Maybe Ruth Davidson would be more honest if she stuck to defending the policies being imposed on Scotland against their will by the Westminster Tories like the hated "Bedroom Tax", the impoverishment of hundreds of thousands of children (not just in Scotland, all over the UK), Theresa May's reckless hard-Brexit posturing, and the absolutely sickening Tory rape clause?

The idiocy of the leaflet is exacerbated by the fact that the Scottish Tories are clearly trying to turn Theresa May's opportunistic self-serving snap election into an unofficial referendum on Scottish independence!

Instead of attempting to persuade unionists that it's their duty to fight for the union that they support in a second independence referendum, they're basically admitting that they know that they've lost before the date has even been set, and that their only chance of stopping it is to try to obstruct the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament (a hubristic "do as you're told" tactic that can only end in eventual defeat).

Imagine how thick you'd have to be in order to swallow this self-contradictory and brazenly misleading drivel from the Scottish Tories, especially in light of the appalling track record the Tories have in Scotland.

From using Scotland as a testing ground for their hated Poll Tax experiment to relegating Scottish constituencies to second class status in Westminster so they can't vote on English laws, but retaining the right of English Tory MPs to vote on Scottish laws like the Scotland Act (from which every amendment by Scottish MPs was removed by English Tory MPs), the Tories have done more to turn the Scottish electorate away from Westminster rule than the SNP ever have.

It beggars belief that Scottish unionists are so blinded by their hatred of the concept of Scottish independence that they're willing to actually embrace the toxic Tories who are actually the ones to have done more to promote the cause of Scottish independence through their misrule over Scotland than the SNP ever did, but it certainly seems to be the case if the polling figures in the woefully misleading Tory bar chart are anything to go by.

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How to stop the Facebook algorithms censoring your news feed

In the week since Theresa May announced her opportunistic self-serving snap election the Another Angry Voice blog has gone a bit bonkers with more page visits in one week than it had ever managed to get in a whole month previously!

This massive wave of hits happened because a few of my articles went viral on Facebook. One of the most commonly occurring comments beneath the viral posts was "welcome back Another Angry Voice".

Regular readers will know that I've been in the most hyper-productive period ever in the last few months, easily averaging more than one new article every single day since the turn of the year (and I don't churn out shit super-short click bait rubbish either, all my articles are lengthy, well researched and carefully sourced) so these "welcome back" comments may have seemed a bit confusing if I didn't already know how Facebook's algorithms work to promote certain content and repress other content.

These "welcome back" people were unaware that I've been working away like crazy because the Facebook algorithms decided to stop showing them any AAV content whatever in their news feed.

These AAV followers only thought I'd "come back" because my articles went so viral over the last week that they saw some of my content when it was shared by other people they know, not because Facebook showed it to them directly in their news feed.

Out of the almost 300,000 people who follow the Another Angry Voice Facebook page I'm absolutely certain that there are huge numbers who never ever see any of my content thanks to the infuriating way the Facebook algorithms work.

The problem is that people generally follow so many pages these days that it's pretty much impossible for Facebook to show everything on people's news feed, so the algorithms promote some content and block out other content.

There are a few ways around this kind of auto-censorship regime, but none of them are perfect.

1. Most recent

Image 1
Instead of just scrolling through the news feed that the Facebook algorithms present you, there is option to select "Most Recent". If you do this you get a much more diverse feed that presents you content from a lot more of the pages you follow, not just the pages that the Facebook algorithms auto-select for you.

On a web browser it's done by selecting "Most Recent" from the news feed settings (see image 1). 

Unfortunately Facebook always keeps automatically reverting your feed back to "Top stories" (the algorithm auto-selected content) but there is a way around this too. "Most Recent" works by adding a bit of text to the Facebook url, so if you copy the url for your "Most Recent" feed into your bookmarks, or onto your browser launch favourites, you can access Facebook straight into your uncensored news feed every time. 

Image 2
Here's the link to copy:

In the Facebook mobile app it's much simpler to access your "Most Recent" feed, you just click on the main menu and find it amongst the options (see image 2)

2. Interactions

If you particularly like a page it's a very good idea to interact with it as much as possible. 

You don't have to share every post or write an essay in the comments each time, but likes, comments and shares are one of the main ways that the Facebook algorithms determine whether on not to continue showing you the content from any particular page, so it's always a good idea to engage with the pages you like the most.

If you like a page and want to keep seeing its content in your "Top Stories" feed, remember to at least click like or leave the occasional comment (which doesn't have to be anything special or noteworthy, a "good work" or "I agree" will do the trick).

3. See First

Image 3
Beware: This is the nuclear option. If you mess around with this in order to override the Facebook algorithms, you'll find posts from the pages you've elected to "See First" cluttered at the top of your news feed from here to eternity.

To enable the "See first" option, simply visit the pages you want to prioritise in your news feed and mouse over the "Following" icon to get the drop down menu of options, then switch from "Default" to "See first" (see image 3).

Remember: You'd better make sure you like a page a lot before you do this, otherwise you're going to get pretty peeved at it constantly showing up at the top of your feed.


If you don't already follow the Another Angry Voice Facebook page, maybe give it a try (but for your own good don't select "see first" until you're absolutely sure you like it eh!)

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Theresa May and the British propaganda problem

Let's start with the facts: Huge swathes of the UK media are owned by radically right-wing billionaire sociopaths like Rupert Murdoch (The S*n, Times) Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail, Metro) Richard Desmond (Express, Star) and the Barclay brothers (Telegraph, Spectator).

These billionaires have immense power to manipulate public opinion and control the spectrum of political debate.

Thus we have a public who actually believe that a cowardly self-serving opportunist who U-turns so often it's impossible to guess which way she'll be facing in the morning is somehow a "strong and stable" leader simply because they've been told it over and again by the media.

It beggars belief.

Theresa May

You may think that my description of Theresa May as an "incompetent , dishonest, vacillating, self-serving coward" is an overly-harsh personal opinion, but I don't use such words lightly. I'll quickly run through why I think they're all perfectly legitimate descriptions of the lady who is for turning.


In 2010 Theresa May promised to reduce net UK migration to below 100,000 per year. What she actually oversaw as Home Secretary was the biggest inward wave of migration in UK history. By the time she was appointed Prime Minister by her Tory chums the net rate of migration was consistently above 300,000 per year*.

Another more recent display of Theresa May's incompetence was her party's effort to break their manifesto commitment to not raise National Insurance contributions, which she U-turned on within a week, leaving a £2 billion black hole in her first budget as Prime Minister!


Theresa May repeatedly assured the public that she would not throw the nation into uncertainty by calling an opportunistic snap general election before 2020, and then she did exactly that.

She then attempted to justify her self-serving opportunism by claiming that the opposition parties had been blocking Brexit, which was an outright lie. 2/3 of MPs voted in favour of Article 50 (many of them against the wishes of the majority of their own constituents). Theresa May's entire justification for the snap election is a totally brazen lie.

It's completely beyond me how anyone could even attempt to argue that Theresa May is honest after she used such an egregious lie to defend a U-turn that she assured the public she wouldn't be making, but millions of brainwashed Tory tribalists actually do consider her to be honest!


Theresa May's U-turns on the National Insurance hike and the snap election are far from the only examples of her vacillating all over the place.
  • She U-turned on her "now is not the time" rhetoric against a Scottish independence referendum in just three weeks to announce that "now is the time" for a general election.

Four of her massive U-turns have come in the last month alone (National Insurance, snap election, "now is not the time", energy caps), yet millions of people have been so thoroughly brainwashed into believing the ridiculously backwards "strong and stable" propaganda trope that they're incapable of seeing what a weak and directionless leader she actually is.


Theresa May's self-serving non-campaign during the EU referendum debate was a very clear demonstration that she's willing to put her own personal interests above the interests of the nation. Despite concluding that it was in the nation's economic interests to remain in the EU, she barely campaigned because she knew that it was in her best interest to keep a low profile in order to pounce for the party leadership if the public voted for Brexit. In fact backing Remain was a power-play too.

She knew that in the event of a Remain vote she'd have a better chance of succeeding David Cameron by showing loyalty to the party leader and hanging on to one of the great offices of state until he decided to quit.

Theresa May's deliberate non-campaign was an absolutely masterful display of low self-serving cunning. She thought about the whole contest not in terms of what was best for the nation, but in terms of what was best for her own self-interest, and she played it to perfection.

Theresa May's opposrtunistic snap election is another example of her putting her own self-interest above the best interests of the nation as a whole. It was only three weeks after she set the clock ticking on the most vital set of diplomatic negotiations the UK has ever faced when she announced that the UK government would be taking a two month holiday from preparing their negotiating position in order to fight a general election to establish a stronger position in parliament for the Tory party!

There's no way that anyone with any grounding in reality could possibly conclude that she hasn't repeatedly put her own self interest and the narrow party political interests of the Conservative party way above the interests of the nation as a whole.


Not only is Theresa May terrified of facing Jeremy Corbyn in a head-to-head TV debate, but she's also terrified of any kind of unscripted environment whatever, as can be seen by her campaign events being either hand-picked crowds of Tory party loyalists bussed in from miles away, or excruciatingly boring events where factory workers are compelled by their employers to act as photo fodder and not dare talk to the press about how they actually felt about Theresa May's speech (it was all so obvious in the body language though).

Propaganda and the education system

Millions of people are actually so gullible that you only have to repeat assertions to them over and again for a while in order for them to adopt the assertions as their own beliefs, no matter how blatantly they are contradicted by observable reality.

Even if you don't actually read the toxic hard-right press these tropes rapidly become so ingrained in the political discourse that they filter through into the BBC and the so-called left-liberal media outlets, and into millions of everyday conversations.

Unfortunately we're a nation where stuff like critical thinking skills and economics education are denied to the 93% of state educated kids, and reserved only for the 7% who go to elitist fee-paying schools.

We're a nation where the majority of our kids are indoctrinated into rote learning the answers that are fed to them by authority figures and then rewarded for mindless repetition.

Stick right-wing propaganda rags in front of millions of people who have been educated in this manner, and the consequence is obvious. We end up as a nation where an incompetent , dishonest, vacillating, self-serving coward like Theresa May is regarded as a "strong and stable leader" by millions of people simply because they've been told so often that she's a "strong and stable leader".

Observable reality is no longer relevant

It's enough to drive any sane person to despair that millions of people would reject the evidence of their eyes in order to believe what they've been brainwashed into believing by the toxifying influence of the hard-right press, but this is undeniably the case.

In Brexit Britain observable reality is clearly no longer considered politically relevant!

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* =  Another very clear demonstration of the power of political propaganda is the way that dim-witted bigots blame Labour for mass immigration and adore Theresa May because she's right-wing and uses a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric, but completely and totally ignore the demonstrable reality that she let in more immigrants per year than any Labour Home Secretary in history.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The mainstream media won't condemn Tory dirty tricks, so it's up to us

A Tory party employee and donor has been caught sharing a blatantly faked image in order to attack and discredit Jeremy Corbyn. 

As can be seen in the header image, the victim of this crude piece of right-wing photoshop propaganda was actually delighted to meet Jeremy Corbyn. Her name is Catherine Finney and she's an ordinary member of the public. 

We're all used to seeing the right-wing media attack Corbyn relentlessly and unfairly (remember the crudely photoshopped images of him supposedly dancing at the Cenotaph that were actually published by The S*n?) but a Tory party insider abusing a member of the public like this is really beyond the pale.

Catherine Finney is just an ordinary person. What right do the Tories think they have to create the false impression she's the kind of crude and abusive lout who would make obscene gestures at visitors to her house. It's completely outrageous.

After the faked images began to circulate on social media Skwawkbox and Evolve Politics did some some digging into who this Suzan Walsh character is. What they found is that she openly brags about being a Tory party employee on her LinkedIn profile, that she made a £9,000 donation to the Tories in 2015, and that her White Mid Sloan property company has had dealings with a shady tax-haven based company called Goldstar.

Suzan Walsh with Tory cabinet minister and
former mayor of London Boris Johnson
Her LinkedIn profile is full of self-aggrandisement about her influence in the Tory party, including a boast about having been given an award by the muck-slinging Tory electoral strategist Lynton Crosby.

It's no wonder she's decided to fight the 2017 General Election so low and dirty if she holds a disgusting individual like Lynton Crosby as some kind of hero.

Maybe she was hoping to get another award from him for her dirty tricks?

A quick thought experiment

Imagine if it had've been a Jeremy Corbyn staffer propagating a crudely faked image of a member of the public in order to try to discredit Theresa May.

Do you think the mainstream press would have completely ignored the story?

Do you think it would only be social media pages and independent blogs (Occupy London, Skwawkbox, Evolve Politics, Another Angry Voice) covering the story?

Of course it bloody wouldn't. You know the likes of Laura "fake news" Kuennsberg and a pack of fanatically right-wing hacks at the S*n, Express and Daily Mail would have been all over it.

They'd be demanding resignations, claiming it's indicative of a culture of bullying in the Labour Party, attacking Corbyn's leadership, demanding a personal public apology for the incident from Jeremy Corbyn himself.

You know it don't you?

How you can help

Evolve Politics attempted to contact Suzan Walsh to give her the right of reply, but much like her beloved Theresa May she seems to have gone completely into hiding today.

If Suzan Walsh is unwilling to personally explain her actions, we should surely take it up the chain of command and ask her Tory bosses to explain her actions and to apologise to both Jeremy Corbyn and Catherine Finney for her dirty tricks.The pro-Tory mainstream press are not going to hold the Tories to account over this, so it's up to independent media and ordinary people to do it.

Post this article on the Conservatives Facebook page, post it on Theresa May's Facebook page, post it on your local MP's Facebook page, Tweet it to Tory MPs.

Make them hear it:

We demand a public apology from Theresa May. 

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Why you need to speak to someone who works in the NHS

I'm not asking you to believe what I write here (even though it's all backed up with links to evidence). I'm not asking you to believe Jeremy Corbyn when he says that the NHS needs to be defended from the Tories with all of our might. I'm asking you to speak to someone you know who works in the NHS and ask them about a number of specific issues.

Almost everyone knows someone who works for the NHS. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who works in the NHS. If you have to ask a mutual friend to introduce you to an NHS worker so you can chat about the issues facing the NHS, I'm sure they wouldn't mind at all. They'd probably be very happy to meet someone who shows some actual interest in their work and working conditions.

The issues to ask about

  • Ask them whether the junior doctors have been treated fairly and with respect by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
  • Ask them if their own primary care trust is in deficit.
  • Ask them whether them and their colleagues are increasingly stressed and overworked as they try to cope with increasing demand for services while funds and staffing levels are being slashed year after year.
  • Ask them whether they think the NHS can actually survive if the Tories carry on like this.

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An idea to give Theresa May and the complacent Tories a shock they'd never forget

Here's an idea that could give Theresa May and the complacent Tory elitists a shock they'd never forget.

The idea is a fairly simple one, but like all good ideas it would take solidarity and people pulling together and working hard to make it happen. History is absolutely clear that powerful elites don't give up their power without a fight.

The idea

Britain's woefully antiquated voting system means that we're all familiar with the concept of tactical voting, which is the idea of holding our noses and voting for the (usually pretty unappealing) candidate who is most likely to beat the candidate that we absolutely detest.

What I'm proposing is a kind of tactical voting, but rather than doing it in a piecemeal fashion, it needs to be done in an organised manner in specifically targeted seats so that instead of the opposition being split between several candidates, all the resources are pooled behind a single Unity candidate in each target constituency.

 As far as I'm concerned the target seats should be the seats of the most disgraceful, malicious and downright inept Tory ministers, and also the seats that Tory candidates cheated their way into in 2015 though electoral fraud.

In these specific seats the opposition parties should agree to pool resources in order to field a single Unity candidate.

Unity candidates

Ideally the Unity candidate being fielded to contest the seats of Tory government ministers should have a lot of expertise in the ministers' brief:
  • A respected doctor could stand as the Unity candidate against the health secretary Jeremy Hunt.
  • Someone with some actual foreign policy experience could stand against the embarrassing buffoon of a foreign secretary Boris Johnson that we're lumbered with.
  • A well known human rights campaigner could stand against the human rights scrapping Home Secretary Amber Rudd.
  • An environmentalist/countryside campaigner could stand against the Defra minister Andrea Leadsom.
  • Someone with actual legal qualifications could stand against the totally unqualified Lord Chancellor Liz Truss.
  • A widely respected economics expert could stand against the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.
  • A public transport expert could stand against the transport minister Chris Grayling.
  • An experienced community activist could stand against the Communities minister Sajid Javid.
  • A teacher/education expert could stand against the education secretary Justine Greening.
  • A welfare expert could stand against the DWP minister Damian Green.
  • Someone with experience in the media or arts could stand against the culture secretary Karen Bradley.

In the Tory electoral fraud constituencies, it might turn out that quite a few of the candidates who finished second in 2015 end up standing as the Unity candidate, but one thing is for sure, all the Unity candidates should be selected in an open and accountable democratic ballot of local people.


If elected, the 
Unity candidate should be accountable to the people who elected them, and to the parties that joined forces to support their campaign. The Unity candidate should agree to stick to a democratically developed local manifesto based on the wishes of local people, and to abide to a formal cross-party consensus agreement when voting on national issues.

The Unity candidate should also pledge to serve as a Unity MP for the duration of the next parliament, or to resign their seat and call a by-election if they intend to officially align themselves with any specific party.

The need for speed

Theresa May called an opportunistic snap election in just seven weeks time because she didn't want to allow the opposition sufficient time to organise against her. It was a fantastically self-serving move to put the interests of the Tory party above the interests of the nation as a whole.

This dishonest, self-serving opportunism isn't surprising in the slightest though, because she's a self-serving Tory of the very worst kind who U-turns so often she must be developing centrifugal forces!

Theresa May has clearly tried to wrong foot all opposition to her dictatorial style of government by making the election campaign as short as possible, so there is very little time organise and hold her government's terrible record up to public scrutiny.

This means that if the Unity candidate idea is going to get off the ground, it needs to be done in a matter of weeks because the deadline for nominations is the 11th of May.

A shock they'd never forget

If the 
Unity candidate idea turns out to be successful, it would give the public an opportunity to vote for real experts, and for non-cheats. It would give people a fantastic opportunity to send a powerful message to the out-of-touch elitists in the Tory party that their ideological vandalism of our society, and their tactic of cheating their way to electoral victory are completely unacceptable.

It would be a genuine anti-establishment rebellion that pretty much anyone but the most die-hard Tory tribalists could get behind.

If it ends up removing even just a few Tory ministers and 2015 General Election cheats from power it would give them a shock that they'd never forget. If people really got behind it, then it could shake the complacent self-serving Tory party to their foundations and deliver a number of highly qualified specialists that any government would be utterly foolish to try to sideline and ignore.

Contact your party

If you like this idea and you're a member or supporter of a political party, contact them as soon as possible and tell them that you would like them to consider supporting the idea of fielding Unity candidates in specific target seats as a matter of urgency.

If you live in a seat held by a Tory government minister, or in one of the seats that the Tories won through electoral fraud in 2015, you could contact your local party too and ask them to cooperate with the other opposition parties, and offer to help them organise the Unity candidate campaign.

Write to your local political representatives here: Write to them

Contact the opposition party you support here:

Green Party: (contact page, Twitter, Facebook)
Labour Party:
(contact page, Twitter, Facebook)
Liberal Democrats: 
(contact page, Twitter, Facebook)
Plaid Cymru: 
(contact page, Twitter, Facebook)
SNP*: (contact page, Twitter, Facebook)
(contact page, Twitter, Facebook)

Spread the word
Theresa May has complacently opened the door to an idea like this because she thinks the rest of the country are too weak and too disorganised to stand up to her autocratic ambitions but if we all pull together we could achieve a seismic shift in the way we do politics in this country.

If you like the idea of 
Unity candidates then it's vital to spread the word. Share this article on social media (#Unity2017), talk about the idea with your friends, your relatives, your work colleagues, your neighbours. Help to get some momentum going. Together we can change things for the better.

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* = I have included the SNP here because although there is only one Tory seat in Scotland, it is held by the appalling David Mundell, who is the Scotland Secretary. Maybe, despite their incredibly strong position in Scottish politics, the SNP would like to show solidarity with the other opposition parties by backing a unity candidate in this one seat.

** = I've included UKIP here because, although I detest their hard-right ideology, they do actually support some quite progressive things that I actually agree with (Proportional Representation, democratisation of the House of Lords, more local referendums, devolution for England, cancelling rip-off PFI scams ...). They also have a lot of supporters/voters who are not inherently bad people, who might well get behind a genuine anti-establishment rebellion and have a lot to contribute to the campaign.